Every summer we get to see rankings of the best ice cream shops in America and this year, Michigan found two of its ice cream shops on the list.

The first ice cream shop to make the list shouldn't be a surprise to anyone because it won USA Today's 2016 award for the best ice cream parlor in the country.  Traverse City's Moomers is known for its farm to table ice cream, but the catch is that the farm is right outside.  You can see the cow that your ice cream came from!  Moomers also boasts 160 different unique flavors of ice cream.

The other Michigan ice cream shop that made the list was the Michigan State University Dairy Store.  Every Spartan and resident of the Lansing area will know about this gem and the amazing taste of their ice cream.  The MSU Dairy Store is also said to have some of the best black cherry ice cream on the planet, partially due to the fact that they get their cherries from Traverse City.

If you want to check out the rest of the list, you can find it at Thrillist.com.