Technology is constantly advancing, and it in this day and age, it is advancing fast. There are a lot of benefits from this. However, there can be some other effects from this, such as forgetting some simple things in your everyday life.

A recent study by map makers Ordnance Survey of 2,000 Britons has shown that in lieu of technology nowadays there are 20 things that are either being forgotten or no longer learned at all. An Ordnance Survey spokesman said, "An increasing reliance on modern technology has resulted in some skills falling by the wayside. In years gone by, these skills would have been considered essential for everyday life... Technology, however great it is, isn't invincible though and there are times when it can let you down."

Just what are the skills that are falling by the wayside? Well they are things like reading a map, using a compass, spelling and grammar, starting a fire, handwriting, knitting, remembering phone numbers, and identifying trees, insects, and flowers. The skills that are taking the place of the old skills are searching the internet, using WiFi, using a smartphone, online banking, applying for jobs online, and working a tablet.

To see the full list of the skills we are no longer using, you can check it out here.