Spend or Save? (Photo via flickr.com/photos/bfishadow)

Since today is the official  deadline for our 2010 tax returns I was wondering what you were thinking of doing with the money you get back from the local, state, and/or federal governments?

According to the Associated Press, only 27 percent of us plan to actually spend what we get back!
I usually squirrel every cent of mine away so I can painlessly pay my summer property tax bill, but this year I plan to use it to pay for the nearly $2,600 worth of car repairs I had done on Friday ... yikes! 
The good news is that most of us will get something and that is a sweet surprise of a pay day in and of itself!  I'm grateful, for sure, and love my country!  How about you?   Leave your comments below ... you can share this with a friend, too!