The talent pool for next year's Art Prize competition in Grand Rapids will shrink by the top ten winners selected this year.

That makes a ton of sense since the idea is to give all artists a fair shot at winning some prize money and recognition in the community for his or her accomplishment.  If the same people win every year then the competition will lose its appeal and possibly intimidate some up and coming artists from ever applying.
Registration began on Monday and the entry deadline is June 16th.  For all of us non-artist types, we can start taking in all of the eye candy and abstract sights starting September 21 - October 9th.
Last year (2010), was the second annual event and the first time Rick DeVos started taking note of the kind of money people were spending while participating in the voting process.  From hotel stays to restaurant and shopping expenditures the local economy absorbed $7 million!   What will 2011 bring?  We'll have to wait until late fall to find out!  Until then, mark your calendar for the big event.
Click here for more details about the 2012 rule changes.

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