TEAR ALERT!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you..

Malachi Fronczak, at 4 years old, is already a role model of what we should all strive to be.

Malachi lives in Kokomo Indiana, and he and his family are about to make a trip to Sea World to see the whales.  Malachi decided he wanted to make some money so he could buy souvenirs while on their trip. After deciding against selling rocks that he found, he and his dad built a lemonade stand. While building the stand, Malachi told his dad he wanted to make sure all Police, Fire, EMTs and Solidiers got their lemonade for free.  He also wanted cookies for the first responders that would be free as well.

While they were leaving the store from picking up cookies and lemonade supplies, he spotted two Kokomo police officers.  So he did what any up and coming entrepreneur would do, he offered the officers cookies and invited them down to the lemonade stand for some free refreshment.  15 minutes later the officers showed up and brought other officers with them, including one of the K9 officers on duty that afternoon.

But it didn’t stop there, throughout the day more and more police officers and even some firefighters stopped by to enjoy the free lemonade and cookies, Malachi offered up. His mom and dad say they’re not sure if he understands what’s been happening lately, but to give back and have the officers and firemen show up, meant the world to Malachi.  All of them showing up in their emergency vehicles was doubly a treat for the young boy!

 “We just wanna show appreciation to those who serve us and if he gets some spending money for Sea World, then that’s great for him too," said Trisha Fronczak, Malachi’s Mother.


Bravo mom and dad, you’re setting a great example.  As I said at the beginning, Malachi is a role model for all of us… and he’s only 4.