After a much cooler spring and summer...for those that wished for the will get your wish for the next four days.

According to MLive, Lower Michigan and even the Upper Peninsula will be getting above average temperatures. Lower Michigan will get it for four days while the U.P. will get it for two days.

Starting out cooler Tuesday and Wednesday due to thunderstorms hitting around the southern half of Lower Michigan will keep things in the mid to upper 80s.

Once the remnants of hurricane Barry roll through Michigan, get your beach towel and sunscreen ready because it is going to heat up big time.

Thursday the sweating will begin but either Friday or Saturday may be the hottest day of the summer. Things may cool down by Monday but in the meantime, get that cooler of water on ice.

Because the tail end of Tropical storm Barry is wheeling through the southern half of the state it will leave high levels of moisture followed by high humidity.

The heat index will be much higher than the actual temperature. Thursday through Saturday this week will have heat indexes well over 100 degrees and it looks like Friday will be our front runner.

Enjoy the heat while you can because next week you can expect temperatures in 70s and low 80s starting on Monday.


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