The Channel 95.7 App is here and just like Pedro said in Napoleon Dynamite, it "will make your wildest dreams come true!"

Download the app on iTunes or the Google Play store!

Our brand new app is making listening to Channel 95.7 even easier, and here's how!


  • 1

    You Can Take Channel 95.7 With You Everywhere You Go!

    The Channel 95.7 App allows you to take the station with you wherever you go!

    If you are on a long road trip and are missing West Michigan, don't worry, you can listen to your favorite station even though you can't get us on the radio!

    If you don't have a radio at work, but still need to listen to Christine's Throwback Lunch, don't worry, you can listen to it on our app!

  • 2

    Get Local Breaking News Alerts Sent To Your Phone

    Amber alerts, breaking news, and other important local information can be sent directly to your phone.  Anything that is breaking in West Michigan and needs your immediate attention will be sent directly to your phone!  That is, unless you want to turn off the notifications.

  • 3

    Weather Reports Are Better When Listening To Your Favorite Songs

    Is it cold and rainy, super snowy, or just a generally yucky day?  Get that depressing Michigan weather report while your listening to your favorite song and all of a sudden it seems like sunshine on the horizon.

    The Channel 95.7 App has up to date weather reports right at your fingertips!  You don't have to even leave the app!

  • 4

    Call The Station With The One Button Press

    Forget having to dial our number or search through your contacts to find Channel 95.7, you can now call the station right through our app!

    If you have a comment you're dying to tell Connie, or if you have a request for Christine, or you got a joke that you know Rob would love, just tap and call!

  • 5

    Watch Channel 95.7 Videos

    Did you hear us talking about a video on the radio?  Did Christine and Rob try some random new Oreo or Lay's Potato Chip flavors and you NEED to know if they are disgusting or delectable, the video is just one tap away!  And if you hear us talking about a video on the website, no need to open your browser, watch it right in the app!

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