If you're a traditionalist who gets the real deal, these 5 tips could drastically improve the process of lugging that freshly chopped down tree home!

1. Wrap it in a blanket to prevent it from scratching your car.

2. Make sure the tree goes trunk first on the vehicle. The wind can cause damage to the branches otherwise.

3. Use 3 ropes, bungee cords, etc. to strap it down. One in the back, middle, and the trunk in front.

4. If your vehicle does not have a roof rack, loop the ropes through the car door, not the window. This way you can still open/close the doors.

5. If sap gets on your car, use some rubbing alcohol and let it set for 30 sec. It should then wipe clean off.

Watch the video for the full breakdown and check out the attached link for further tips and tricks!

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