The primary election is over so we get a little break from all of the campaigning, but it won't last long.

The primary is very important, but now that we have had time to reflect on the whole thing, it reminds me a little of a kids' soccer game.

5 Ways Michigan's Republican Primary Was Like A Kids' Soccer Game:

  1. Everyone's a winner!  You're not supposed to keep score at the soccer game (but you know you do anyway) then at the end everyone wins!  Romney gets more votes so he wins!  Wait...Santorum won just as many congressional districts, let's split the delegates, it's a tie!  Nevermind, just give an extra delegate to Romney anyway, because...
  2. The coaches kid always gets to play!  The coach/former governor/Mitt Romney's dad helped pave the way for some major playing time for Mitt.
  3. Name calling.  If you ask me, 4-year-olds are better behaved than these guys.  Leave it to the grown-ups to call names.
  4. Pay to play.  The soccer league isn't free and if you don't have money you can't play.  Just like the primary.  $7.6 million was spent on TV ads.
  5. If you want to win, you might have to get dirty.

And just a quick reminder, it's Ron Paul's turn to bring orange slices on Super Tuesday.