Last night was a hoot!  While I was talking with my 8-year old nephew on the phone, we got onto his favorite subject of dinosaurs, and I mentioned a creature-based show that I loved watching as a kid.

Needless to say, he was all ears and had to know more!  Sadly, it had been so long since that show was on t.v. that all I could remember was that the word 'Lost' was part of the title.
For one of the few times that I was excited to have a computer, I fired-up my laptop to start my search ... and there it was ... The Land Of The Lost

All of a sudden -- like the day it first aired back in 1974 -- Storm, my nephew, and I sat in silence while we both watched the introduction from our separate computers!  Storm screeched with excitement and thought I was pretty cool for introducing him to a new show.

Upon further investigation, there were three seasons that are now -- of course -- available on DVD!  I was pretty excited though because now I know what to get him as a gift.

BTW, I'm just as scared of the Sleestak now as I was then ... ick-and-a-half!!

BTW2, I don't think I watched this show until I was about 10 so it aired on NBC for about a decade before it got lost in the land of forgotten t.v. series.

So what are your obscure retro shows from the 70's and 80's?  Leave your comments below and post video of them too!

Check out the super exciting trailer for the Dallas remake that will start airing on TNT next summer: