A week ago, @maxlinsky posted on twitter a photo of a paper he found on the floor after class, upon opening it he realized it was a relationship contract between two 8th graders.

I don’t know whether to applaud this 8th grade girl or be a bit afraid of her.  The fact that I agree with most of her clauses, I’m leaning toward applauding; because she knows who she is and what she wants.  I would just be careful before signing this if I’m a 8th grade boy, because she’s not putting up with any nonsense.

Interestingly enough, a lot of relationship experts believe there’s plenty of adult coulples that could learn a thing or two.

From thestar.com:

“I think it’s actually super smart. This is a confident little girl who knows exactly what she wants and wants to protect herself,” says Toronto psychologist and relationship expert Nicole McCance, who hasn’t worked with any of her clients on a contract quite like this. She does know couples who have written more generalized “relationship visions”, in which they agree on mutual goals for the relationship with phrases like “We commit to being flexible and compromising.”


My Favorites are:

  • “You can’t break up with me I break up with you, if we have problems we resolve them”
  • “You buy me food”
  • “You can fist bump these hoes that’s it”
  • “You can’t be looking at these hoes”

She’s effectively kept him from fist bumping other girls, because he can’t even look at them, and we all know a good fist bump has to have some visual contact as well!  WELL PLAYED… Well Played!  And the buying her food... I'm putting that in my next "relationship contract" (if I ever do one.. or have a relationship.)

Oh, and the kid she gave it to, signed it!  Good luck you two!!