One of the biggest movies to hit theaters at the end of 2013 was Disney's "Frozen". Kids loved it, adults loved it, and one song from the soundtrack may end up netting its composer an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, AND a Tony award.

One little girl loved the song so much that she recorded it as part of the yearly Christmas mix she makes for her family. And, I dare say, her rendition may be better than the original.

This little girl's name is Annelise Forbes, and she's nine-years-old. Annelise has had no formal singing training, but loves to sing so much that she records a bunch of songs each year around the holidays to distribute to her family and friends.

This year, she decided to record the song "Let It Go" from "Frozen" with the help of her Uncle Jesse ("Full House", Uncle Jesse? I really hope so.) The result is a video that's going viral around the Internet as we speak. Check it out.


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