9-year-old Nevaeh Woods is going viral after her fashion designs for her Barbie Dolls were spotted by Mattel's social media team.  Nevaeh uses scrap fabric, socks, ribbon, gemstones, and about anything else she can get her hands on to make fabulous outfits for her dolls.

Nevaeh's mother, Sha’kvia Woods, promotes her daughter's work on her Facebook page and even created a GoFundMe for Nevaeh's business (SaSha Sew Amazing).

And then, after several posts about Nevaeh's designs, she got a very special package in the mail directly from the Barbie team.

After getting the message from the Barbie social media team, Nevaeh posted this video thanking everyone for their support.

Nevaeh hopes to eventually move on from Barbie doll fashion into the real world fashion when she gets older.

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