A few weeks ago the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety was looking for former Grand Haven Area Superintendent Brian Wheeler. At the time he was suspected of embezzling over $100,000.

After they put the word out that they were looking for Wheeler, he was spotted and arrested later that day. Since then police have discovered more information about Wheeler and now say they suspect he embezzled around $900,000 since 2014.

Wood TV reports Brian Wheeler stole the money by faking invoices of about $7,000 each from a company that doesn’t exist. He would pick up the checks from the district and deposit the money in his own accounts. He would then move it around using a money transfer app.

In all, he is believed to have ripped off more than $900,000 since 2014.

A Grand Haven police detective testified to a judge that Wheeler’s wife admitted to her last week what he was doing.

Police started looking into the situation earlier this month when other district officials realized bond money that was set aside for the technology department was missing.

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety is looking for former Grand Haven Area Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Brian Wheeler.

Grand Haven Department of Public Safety FB
Grand Haven Department of Public Safety FB

Wheeler is accused of embezzling more than $100,000 or more from the school district.
He is also facing another charge for using a computer to commit a crime.

How is Embezzlement Punished in Michigan

According to Criminal Defense Lawyer penalties for embezzlement of $100,000 or more include a fine of up to $50,000, or three times the amount embezzled (whichever is greater); up to 20 years in prison, or both.

How Is Using A Computer To Commit A Crime Punished In Michigan

According to Abdo Law the penalty imposed for using a computer to commit a crime will depend upon the underlying crime that was attempted or committed by the perpetrator. Most computer crimes are charged as felonies and the penalties associated with computer crimes are as severe or greater than the penalty associated with the undying crime.

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The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety in a statement said:

Detectives from the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety are investigating an embezzlement reported by senior staff at Grand Haven Area Public Schools.

Irregularities in financial transactions over an extended period were discovered in accounts directly managed by the suspect, Assistant Superintendent Brian Wheeler.

The investigation has been ongoing since early November with full support from GHAPS Senior Administration.
Wheeler was employed as an Assistant Superintendent. His employment with GHAPS has been terminated.

Authorities Believe Wheeler May Have Fled The Area

Wheeler may be driving either of the following vehicles:
2013 Buick Enclave, cream in color, MI registration plate: DTH 1844
2005 Monaco motorhome, MI registration plate: EKE 7580

What To Do If You Have Any Information Regarding Brian Wheeler

Anyone with information regarding Wheeler’s location is asked to call either the
Grand Haven Department of Public Safety 616-842-3460
Ottawa County Silent Observer / 877-88-SILENT (745368)

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