When we think of Twitter, generally we think of hashtags, of following our favorite celebrities, of Amanda Bynes' epic meltdowns, and of talking about our lives in witty 140-character-or-less quips. But, this video proves that Twitter can also tell the story of a life well lived.

Meet Amanda (known as @TrappedAtMyDesk on Twitter). She was going about, living her life in Canada, tweeting about co-workers, bosses, and getting stuck in elevators until one day she received a call from her doctor's office. She had brain cancer and only had three months left to live. 

Through her tweets (and this video), we get a glimpse into the last months, weeks, and days of Amanda's life. She quits her job, takes a trip, and reconciles with family members. If you're anything like me, you'll start out laughing (and relating to her), and when the video fades to black, you'll be crying at your desk.