I'm a fan of nice cars but don't be "that guy" (aka a douche bag) just because you're driving around in a sports car. You're no better than anyone else and because things like this can happen.

A video has gone viral this past week of a sports car getting it's windshield smashed. The guy who took the video was taping the sunset when a $250,000 McLaren drives by and runs the stop sign. You don't see this on video but apparently the driver knocked over a kid on a skateboard.

You hear a honk and then a SMASH. Then all of a sudden you see a kid take off running as fast as he can. And right behind him was the passenger of the car chasing him. You can see the shattered windshield in the video below.

In all honesty, it's the drivers fault for not stopping at the stop sign, the kid was an idiot to smash the windshield and the guy who took the video is at fault for not showing us all the action.

Either way it's going to be a pane to get that windshield fixed.

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