Was Addison Rae actually banned from TikTok forever?

On Thursday (Oct. 14), the social media influencer-turned-professional actress and singer uploaded a screenshot of her TikTok account, which appeared to be deleted, to her Twitter. As one of the app's most popular creators, the apparent news of her TikTok ban came as a shock to the influencer and TikTok community.

"Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines," the pop-up message read as seen in the screenshot.

"Well, time to get a job," Rae jokingly captioned the post.

However, just hours later on Friday, Rae's account was fully reinstated.

Neither TikTok nor Rae released a statement or reason as to what exactly happened with Rae's account, prompting many to speculate that the fleeting ban was a mistake.

With 85 million followers, Rae is bound to be disliked by some users. A handful of people theorized that she could possibly have been reported for violations numerous times by several accounts for no real reason, which would have locked her out of her account.

TikTok Community Guidelines forbid users to engage in or promote violent extremism, hateful behavior, illegal activities, violent content, harassment or adult nudity. To actually get permanently banned from the platform, a user has to repeatedly violate these rules, none of which Rae has appeared to do.

Although Rae got her start on TikTok, she has since become an actress and singer. Her debut acting role was in the 2021 Netflix He's All That remake, She's All That. She also premiered her debut single, "Obsessed," earlier this year.

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