The music world may adore Adele, but the fashion one? Not quite so much. The ‘Rumor Has It’ songstress actually had one of the worst-selling Vogue covers ever.

Adele covered the October 2011 issue of Vogue U.K. and looked stunning with her auburn waves and winged cat-like liner on her green eyes, but she didn’t sell well at all. In fact, The Daily Mail (via reports that Vogue U.K. editor Alexandra Shulman dished on the sales at the ToMax Talk ‘Fashion and Fantasy: What’s in Vogue and Why Does It Matter?’ Shulman revealed, “Adele is the most popular woman in the world, but one of the worst sellers we’ve ever had.” Why’s that? Shulman explained, “I find there has to be a relationship with the person on the cover that goes beyond how they look.”

It seems a strange analysis, since so many people adore and relate to Adele following the ubiquity of her heartbreak and the stellar sales of ’21.’ However, Shulman says the pattern isn’t a personal affront on the beloved singer, admitting, “Music stars haven’t sold at all well.” Since Adele’s celebrity revolves around her music, not her personal life — which she keeps fiercely private — that argument does make a lot of sense.

So what kind of cover star sells? Well … ‘Someone Like You!’ Shulman said the biggest seller wasn’t anyone famous — but is someone you’d know. “Our most successful cover was the millennium issue — which didn’t have anyone on it, but acted like a mirror so you could see your own reflection!”

Watch the Adele ‘Someone Like You’ Video

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