A dad made his child's birthday wish come true and went viral on Twitter after sharing a video of himself dressed up as Spider-Man for his son's birthday party.

Twitter user @ChuckRare, who identifies as a photographer and creative director, shared some adorable footage of himself suited up as Marvel's iconic web-slinging superhero.

"My son wanted to meet [Spider-Man] for his birthday," he wrote. "So I hopped my thick a-- in a spider suit and surprised him."

In the video, Spidey's doppelgänger gives the excited child a high five and picks him up for a hug before exiting the party. The hero makes one truly amazing attempt at a cartwheel before heading off.

The kids in attendance look like their days were made. That was especially the case for @ChuckRare's child, who fell to the floor in excitement.

Check out the precious moment below:

User @ChuckRare clearly helped his son's birthday dreams come true.

He's also improved the mood of hundreds of thousands of people who have since watched the video on Twitter.

At the time of publishing, the clip has amassed more than 935,000 views. The tweet also has more than 76,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

"D--nnn I see y'all getting jiggy to my lil dancey dance," the party hero wrote in a second tweet.

He's also shared some of the best comments that he's received on his page. For instance, many viewers called him out on his failed gymnastic feat.

"WTF was that cartwheel at the end," one user joked.

"Did you change your mind mid flip," someone asked.

"Bro the half cartwheel on the way out got me dying," another declared.

"I love you for trying," someone else wrote.

Another shared several laughing emojis but declared that @ChuckRare deserved an award as dad of the year. (We totally agree).

Others commented on how good he looked in his suit.

"What kind of party is this where the cake ran out so early," someone teased alongside a photo of Spider-Man's cakes in the costume.

Another Twitter user said it best and joked that the costume was so good that it could have been Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. "I don’t know why people get on this app and just lie for no reason," they wrote. "This guy clearly got Tom Holland to show up to his son’s birthday party and instead he says HE was in the suit to make himself look good or something. Psh. Nice try, dad!"

Check out some of the funniest responses below:

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