Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, I've been afraid of catching it and becoming one of the 745,000+ Americans and 23,000+ Michiganders who have died from it. Add into the mix that I have asthma as well as being morbidly obese, and that puts me at an even higher risk of having a more severe case of COVID.

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 after I wrapped up the morning show, I left work and started having a severe headache along with sinus pressure, and felt warm. Turns out, I also had a temperature of 100.2, I knew something was up and scheduled a COVID-19 test.

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I went to a drive-through test location later that afternoon and took a PCR COVID test. Since I would have to wait a few days for those results to come in, I also did a rapid test at home. Then I read the over the instructions and followed them step-by-step but when the results came in they were hard to read, but from what I could see it looked like I was positive with COVID-19.

Big Joe Pesh

After realizing I might have a breakthrough COVID-19 case I called and texted everyone I'd been in close contact with so they could get tested and not expose others if they were in fact positive too. I've never had an STD and had to notify a partner but for some reason, while making these calls and texts I felt so ashamed. I didn't do anything risky and tried to be responsible but still, after being fully vaccinated I had tested.

About 36 hours later I got an email from the COVID-19 drive-up site. It confirmed what I had been fearing. I was in fact positive with COVID-19

After getting that confirmation it really started to sink in that this was real and my body was really at war with COVID-19. After I followed up with everyone to confirm I tested positive. I placed my first order ever on Shipt and had it dropped off since I wasn't leaving the house for a bit.

Big Joe Pesh

Six days into testing positive for COVID-19 (Monday, November 1, 2021), I have had great improvements. I've gone from having a fever of 100.7 to 98.6. I've gone from a pounding headache and sinus pressure to much relief and just some sniffles and a slight cough. My biggest fear was complications with my asthma and so far I've been ok and have had no breathing issues.

With that being said, when I first got the results back I freaked out and panicked. I called my wife and told her how worried and scared I was. After our conversation, I was laying in bed and my mind began to wander to some pretty dark places. I've known people in much better health than myself who have died from COVID-19. I started to think "what if this gets worse and I end up on a ventilator and my wife Lindsey never got to say goodbye to me in person because she was still in Texas packing up our old house?" My mind went there because we know people that have had that happen to loved ones and all that could do was say goodbye over Facetime.

Thankfully I think the worst is behind me and that I'm going to be alright but I wanted to share with you below some of the things that ran through my mind when I test positive for COVID-19. Maybe it will make you stop for a second and think about what really matters to you too.

What Ran Through My Mind When I Got Covid-19

When I recently tested positive for Covid-19 I started to think "what if something happened and I didn't make it?" These are just some of the things that ran through my mind.