When one thinks of a sandwich, most of the time a tiny little slice of meat between two regular slices of bread come to mind. Well, we are here to say that all sandwiches are most definitely NOT created equal. This gallery proves that when it comes to sandwiches.. size definitely matters!

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Did you know that nearly 80 percent of Americans make about three sandwiches per week?

Of that 80 percent, nearly 10 percent eats one sandwich per day! When you’re consuming so many sandwiches, it’s important to be creative and have a variety of options.

Luckily, Sara Lee Deli wants to help you out! The Sara Lee Deli Facebook page features recipes and tips to expand your sandwich portfolio and keep things interesting. Life’s not perfect...but your deli meat can be – so start perfecting! And while you’re looking at new recipes and sandwich-making tips, take a moment to combine food with fun: watch some humorous videos about life’s imperfections.