If you are easily spooked you may want to sit this one out! A new museum coming to Allegan County hopes to bring the area's creepiest urban legends and campfire stories to life come spring time.

How many of these tall tales are you familiar with?

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Having grown up in the city of Allegan I've heard lore of the Melon Heads of Saugatuck and the infamous alien pyramids near Dumont Lake. To hear them is one thing, but to experience them is something entirely different!

Just days ago a member of the Allegan County Informed Facebook group shared a new venture of theirs that will be coming to Allegan County later in the year:

The museum will be...Based on old campfire stories told around the campfires of Allegan Forest. From The Yellow Motel to The Melonheads. You will be able to read the stories and see artifacts and displays of all the locations. And if you dare you can grab a flashlight and find the locations.

Allegan Forest Museum of Campfire Stories

As a current Allegan resident I am very intrigued by this news. We don't have many museums in my small town, aside from the Old Allegan Jail Museum.

Not only is the subject matter of the new museum mysterious, but so are its logistics! Who owns the museum? Where will it be housed? How much is admission?

The museum's Facebook page, which was only just created a few days ago, lists the address as "1817 68th Street 49408". According to Google Maps that address is for a vacant building that sits in Fennville, MI just 7 miles south of Saugatuck.

1817 68th St. via Google Maps
1817 68th St. via Google Maps

The museum's caretakers, whoever they are, hope to have the museum up and running by spring 2023 and will operate under the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays.

Again, the origins surrounding this museum seem to be shrouded in secrecy-- but maybe that's by design! I'm intrigued by the concept and anxiously await its opening. I'll be keeping my eyes on this one and will share more details as opening day approaches.

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