"What the Fox say?"  This is the question posed by the Norwegian variety show 'Ylvis.'  Recently, Ylvis released a music video on YouTube called "The Fox."  In a matter of a few days the video has already amassed over 300,000 views.  I must admit, about 15 of those views were from me alone...  Um, better make that 16.

The music video starts off by identifying the sounds that several different animals make.  That's all well and good, because sometimes I forget that elephants go "toot."  But what really intrigued me about this video is the truly inspiring question "What the Fox say?"  Because, does anyone REALLY know!?  Probably, but I have never seen a "See 'N Say" with a fox on it.

The group consists of a pair of brothers who do skit style comedy.  They currently host a talk show on TV Norge.


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