It looks like we've got confirmation that Amazon Fresh will be moving into Michigan following confirmation from a Township Supervisor in Michigan.

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Are there any Amazon Fresh locations in the State of Michigan?

Currently, there are no Amazon Fresh locations in Michigan, but rumors of development, especially on the state's southeast side, have been gaining traction for months.

Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh

What is an Amazon Fresh store?

Amazon Fresh stores are brick-and-mortar Amazon grocery stores that have gained a following for their 'Just Walk Out' method of shopping. Customers use their app while shopping to skip a traditional check-out line.

Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh

Where is Amazon Fresh going to be located in Michigan?

The first confirmed Amazon Fresh location in Michigan will be in Plymouth Township, about 30 miles west of Detroit. While Amazon doesn't traditionally announce locations in advance, Plymouth Charter Township Kurt Heise told that the retailer has been approved for building plans in the city:

I am extremely excited that Amazon has chosen Plymouth Township to be the site of its future Amazon Fresh store...we are a dynamic and energetic community of people who are going to welcome this new product and the technology that goes with it.

Are there plans to bring an Amazon Fresh store to West Michigan?

The company has repeatedly told media outlets that they do not comment on their future roadmap, so any plans for Metro Grand Rapids are not available at this time.

What other Michigan locations will have an Amazon Fresh?

Rochester Hills is believed to be a future location for Amazon Fresh along with Shelby Township. Earlier in the year, Grand Blanc officials had announced an Amazon Fresh location in a former Kmart, but there's been no update since that time.

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