This is exactly what you shouldn't trust your GPS 100%.  It might just lead you down the wrong path, literally.

Saturday afternoon just after 2:30 pm, an Amazon delivery van making deliveries around Boulder Pointe Golf Club, in Oxford, got.a little confused about where he was supposed to be going and ended up driving down the cart path and stuck in a tunnel that's only meant for golf carts to go back and forth under highway 24,

According to MLive, the driver was uninjured but was quite shaken that he got his delivery van stuck in the tunnel.  MLive also talked to one of the golf club supervisors who said he was initially mad at the driver until he realized how rattled the guy was for making the mistake and getting his delivery van wedged in the tunnel. As you can see by the picture, posted by a local golfer on Facebook, the van was WAY taller than the tunnel. Also to get as stuck as he did, he had to be going a fair speed, which means he probably really felt the stop.

The MLive story talks about how the golf course had to keep the ordeal somewhat hidden from a wedding that was happening at the same time, but that they ended up calling a tow truck to get the delivery van unstuck, and another van came out to take the rest of packages and lost driver to where they needed to go. MLive says golf course officials said the tunnel was undamaged, unlike the driver's ego.

Again, don't always trust your GPS. At least the guy's van didn't end up in a lake, like some of these stories end.

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