Watch out the next time you are the store because your favorite beer might be out of stock.  For the last few weeks, everyone has been talking about the coin shortage but now there is a shortage that could affect even more Americans.

A shortage of beer in cans.  Well, technically, it's just a aluminum can shortage but beer manufacturers are really feeling the crunch.  According to an article by CNN, the shortage is being felt all across the beverage industry but can be seen prominently in the beer industry because of several factors.

The shortage is due to the perfect storm of people not being able to return cans, people stockpiling cases of pop and beer, a surge of popularity of aluminum cans in the last decade, and the supply chain getting messed up from restaurants and bars closing.

So, keep an eye on your favorite brands because the next time you head to the store they might not be there or only be available in bottles.

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