The doll, whose name is Kira, comes with the most expensive accessory list I've ever seen for an American Girl doll.

If you're not familiar with American Girl dolls, they all come with an extensive back story, and there are entire books written about them. They have a more exciting life than I will ever have.

They're also expensive, which is why I bought my daughters off-brand dolls for Christmas, leaving my poor kids wondering why "Frida from Flint" wasn't on the American Girls website.

Although her doll now lives with her aunts in Australia, Kira's bio says she's from Michigan originally. She is quite the little lady, as she is described on the website as “nurturing and inquisitive”.

She helps out at her aunt's wildlife sanctuary in Queensland, Australia.

The green-eyed, blonde-haired 10-year-old spends her time caring for orphaned koala joeys, learning about climate change and helping as the sanctuary is threatened by bushfire.

The company promises that 'through Kira, we hope our fans will learn that we all have a part to play in taking positive action for our planet.'

By the way, according to the Daily Mail, Kira's accessories are kind of pricey:

The doll's accessories include an outdoor backpack with a koala keychain and a wide-brimmed hat ($30).

Parents can also buy Kira koala pajamas, plush animals like a kangaroo ($30) and a koala ($25), a tent ($225), a camping set ($85) and an animal exam table ($125).

Yikes! But there is a bright side to all that cash layout:

American Girl is also partnering with NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, Inc. (WIRES), which rescues and cares for sick and injured animals.

The toy company will match customer donations up to $25,000 through December 30, 2021.

Courtesy of American Girl
Courtesy of American Girl

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