Spider infestations, flickering lights, and a leaky roof?...  Spooky!  But a floating sheet in the hallway?... Super Spooky!

The 'Idol' contestants have a funny feeling about the mansion.  They claim that the house is infested with spiders and is riddled with flickering lights all over.  Adding to the spookiness is a leaky roof and floating sheets.  You couldn't make this stuff up, unless maybe your were a producer for 'American Idol'...

OK, it really probably isn't that spooky, and probably has something to do with poor building maintenance.  But that hasn't stopped the reality TV show, 'Ghost Adventures', from throwing their expertise into the situation.

AND... This isn't the first time that 'Idol' contestants have claimed to have been visited by spirits.  TVSquad.com reported that:

Season 8 contestant, Anoop Desi, told People that Alison Iraheta claimed to have contact with a friendly but mischievous spirit inhabiting the mansion whom she referred to as "Phyliss."

You can get the full story here.  And click here to get to scoop on Ghost Adventures.