Candy Corn haters across the country rejoice!

Earlier this month, Ferrara Candy was hacked by ransomware and had to halt production of the "popular" Halloween candy. Ferrara Candy is the largest producer of Candy Corn in the country, responsible for 85% of the Candy Corn in the country, according to a report by Gizmodo.

The hack used ransomware and encrypted some of their software and halted production of Candy Corn in their plant based out of the Chicago area.

Ferrara doesn't believe that the ransomware attack will impact the availability of Candy Corn this Halloween. The company says that they ship the majority of its Halloween candy in early August so that retailers have plenty of time to stock their shelves for the holiday.

The popular candy producer issued a statement regarding the hack and Candy Corn availability "We have resumed production in select manufacturing facilities, and we are shipping from all of our distribution centers across the country, near to capacity. We are also now working to process all orders in our queue. We want to assure consumers that Ferrara's Halloween products are on shelves at retailers across the country ahead of the holiday."

Ferrara says it is currently working with law enforcement and third-party specialists to investigate the attack and "fully restore impacted systems as expeditiously and as safely as possible."

So, even though production was halted, chances are there won't be any shortages of Candy Corn for Halloween. But, there still could be a slight shortage of Candy Corn for Thanksgiving, so you won't have to put up with nasty recipes like Candy Corn Thanksgiving Cupcakes or Candy Corn Fudge.

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