If you weren’t already crushing on Andrew Garfield, there’s a likely chance you will be after you check out his performance of the Spider-Man theme song on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.’ This good-lookin’ Brit can act and sing.

The ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ star stopped by the late night talk show on Thursday (May 1) as a part of his movie’s upcoming promotional tour. Fallon, who recently had an epic showdown with Garfield's girlfriend Emma Stone, was quick to call Garfield out on his guitar skills, which the latter was equally quick to downplay.

“I play very simple Cat Stevens songs, and very simple Neil Young songs,” the Spider-Man actor insisted.

Fallon didn’t seem worried about how Garfield ranked his own talent, whipping out a conveniently placed acoustic guitar and handing it to his guest.

“Could you give us a little taste of something please?” Fallon asked ever so nicely.

Looking the part of a rock star in his sleek leather jacket, Garfield pulled the guitar strap over himself and warned, “I’m no Adele Nazeem. I mean, Idina Menzel.”

(Jokes about John Travolta’s Oscars blunder will never get old.)

The 30-year-old actor groaned nervously, admitting, “This is the first time I’ve ever sung in public.”

Despite his reservations, he started strumming a few chords that the audience quickly recognized as the Spider-Man theme song. The more he sang the more confident he became, and Fallon brought it to another level by joining the guitar-wielding superhero with a tambourine. Garfield had no reason to be shy. He did great!

So it’s confirmed: Garfield is an actor and a singer. Emma is a lucky lady indeed.

Check out the full Spider-Man performance above.