A lot of times, we post about the crazy, wild Real Estate listings we see in the region. But then, there's the occasional home that just makes you go "WOW!" This house is one of those.

All the Angles you'll ever need in this sloping place to slumber in Ann Arbor, can be yours if you act fast!

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Obviously, right off the bat, you notice the (literal) sharp look this home has from the curb. High angles on multiple levels make for a unique roofline that nobody can forget.

It's up in the hills of Ann Arbor, too, and is an original Henry Landau design.

Even before you walk in the front door, there's a patio area with a fire pit where you can welcome all of your guests.


Once inside, though, you're no less amazed. Huge rooms with open areas, and clean designs. This four-bedroom, two-bath house can be yours for just $1.2 million, which, at 3,233 sq. feet, AND an original design from a renowned designer, is actually a steal in PRIME Ann Arbor Hills location.

Check the listing, and scroll through the gallery below. Do YOU think it's worth the price tag?

Angled Ann Arbor Hills Home for Sale

It's DEFINITELY Sharp Looking.

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