I don't know about you but one of my dreams is to be on a game show. This one Michigan family got their dream come true when they were asked to compete on the popular game show, Family Feud

Mlive.com reports that Jan and Edward Zell, of Ann Arbor, spent countless hours watching game shows, especially Family Feud, while Jan was recovering from cancer.

After learning she was going to be okay, Jan made it a point to start fulfilling her dreams and one of those was to be on the family game show, hosted by Steve Harvey.

"With the cancer scare she decided to make a bucket list. And on that bucket list was to be on 'Family Feud,'" Edward Zell said."

In November 2014 they auditioned for the show in Chicago. They made it past the initial audition and were asked to come back for a second one. They impressed the casting directors and were put on file for a possibility to be on a future taping.

In February of last year, they got the call! The Zell family would appear on Family Feud! They flew out to Atlanta in August and crossed off one of their bucket list items.

The episode premieres tonight (Monday) at 7pm on CBS Detroit and locally, WOTV 4