Apple has made a statement with their latest change to their emojis.  In the next version of it’s operating system, iOS10, the pistol emoji will be replaced with a water gun.  Although Samsung, Facebook, Google and Twitter will still keep the other pistol emoji; at least for the time being.

The change is happening as the conversation for gun control as grown in recent months.  The pistol emoji along with other weapon emoji’s have been a source of trouble for people around the country with law enforcement.  One case in Virginia where a middle school student used a bomb, gun and knife emoji to threaten her school on Instagram and another case in Brooklyn when a teen used the police and pistol emoji together in a threatening manner.

According to Buzzfeed, this isn’t the first time Apple has decided against certain weapon emojis.  Last year they decided against an Olympic inspired rifle emoji.

It’s not all about weapons with the new emoji update.  Apple announced also that they will introduce emojis showing women doing jobs stereo-typically portrayed by males, like detective, police officer and construction worker.  They’re also expanding their female athlete emojis and single parent emojis.

Newsy via YouTube

The new iOS10 will be available for an update this fall.