This may sound a bit cliche and that I need to join a program to get help, but

I'm from Generation X.  You are too, if you're between the ages of 29 to 49!  

Now that we've established that ... what about retirement?  It seems so far away, yet the more you save now the better off you'll be when the time comes to decide if you can retire early or not at all!

I found an interesting survey through a random newspaper called the North Country Gazette that claims that more than 70% of Generation Xers have no financial plan in place for that fateful day.  Can you imagine?  Even more scary is the finding that nearly half of all Xers, who were a part of this survey, who admitted that they have no confidence in the stability of their futures.  

West Michigan has many options to get an intial free consultation on getting started planning your financial future.   A couple of institutions that come to mind include Huntington Bank, 5/3 Bank and Schwallier Wealth Management.  Adam Schwallier owns the place and can be reached  at