He may have scored one of his biggest YouTube hits by covering Justin Bieber, but Austin Mahone isn't a one-trick pony -- he can cover One Direction too, as he demonstrated with his recent version of the group's 'More Than This.'

It's a bit of a left-field choice as far as 1D covers go, given that it failed to chart here in the U.S. and was an exceedingly minor hit in most other parts of the world, but perhaps Mahone wanted to demonstrate his true fanhood by digging into the One Direction deep cuts. Whatever the case, his version of 'More Than This' is another budding viral hit for the Texas teen, with nearly 200,000 YouTube views since being uploaded on Nov. 8.

Of course, Mahone isn't content to remain in the viral video business -- he's released a pair of honest-to-goodness singles over the last several months, with his most recent effort, 'Say Somethin',' breaking the Billboard Top 40 earlier this year.

It's all part of what his team is calling 'The Austin Mahone Takeover,' an ominous-sounding buildup to worldwide media domination that will take its next step when his as-yet untitled debut album is released sometime in 2013. In the meantime, check out Mahone's version of 'More Than This,' embedded below.

Watch Austin Mahone Cover One Direction's 'More Than This'

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