With automotive sales finally rebounding from a decade of decline, 3 Big Three are poised to start hiring again.  Over the next five years Ford, GM, and Chrysler are expected to hire 35,000 new employees.  The growth will take place almost exclusively in Michigan, while jobs most likely declining outside of the state .  Their are no announcements made as to where in Michigan the majority of the hirings will take place.

This growth will return automotive employment in Michigan to less than half it's capacity in 2000.  Pre-911 the Big Three employed over 400,000 people in Michigan.  After the expected growth employment levels should reach about 137,000.  The increase in production is expected to spur economic growth in other industries as well.

Do you think this is too little to late for the state?  Are you glad that the automotive industry is trying to show some love for Michigan by hiring almost exclusively inside the state?

For more information on the subject you can check out the story in the Detroit Freepress.