Ava Max shed light on a horrifying experience she had while working with a producer.

During an appearance on Catt Sadler's podcast It Sure Is a Beautiful Day, the pop sensation revealed that an unnamed collaborator once locked her in a room and tried to have sex with her.

"I obviously got out and it was fine, but it was not cool," she said, according to a transcription from Oh No They Didn't! blog. "It was like mind games, and it was because I was young and they thought I was aloof. But I knew it was going on, so I wasn't falling for any of the games."

Luckily, she was able to get out of the room before anything happened. However, she had to leave the music she'd been working on behind. "I left my songs there forever in that hard drive," she said. "I never got them out."

This is the first time Max has spoken publicly about the incident.

The "My Head & My Heart" hit-maker added that several other producers took advantage of the work she did during their studio sessions. "I was working with a lot of producers that wouldn't give me back my songs I wrote," she continued.

Thankfully, none of that stopped her: Max dominated the charts with her breakout single "Sweet But Psycho." She dropped her debut album Heaven & Hell in 2020 and is already working on a follow-up.

Meanwhile, Sadler alluded to some of the struggles Max faced in a post on Instagram. "She’s suffered some brutal hardships, but her story will leave you inspired and fired up to KEEP GOING."

On a lighter note, Max spoke about endless comparisons between herself and fellow pop star Lady Gaga while on the podcast. "We're not twins," the "Kings & Queens" siren joked. "We can be sisters but not twins."

She also had more to say about Britney Spears' legacy amidst the ongoing #FreeBritney movement: "She's incredible and inspiring, and she'll always be a legend.

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