Baby Madness is under way!  For the next few weeks we will be pitting the cutest babies in Grand Rapids against one another in a single elimination bracket tournament.  128 babies enter and only one will leave victorious!

We have 4 regional brackets for the Baby Madness Tournament.  Each bracket consists of 32 babies.  The brackets are as follows:

Please read the official rules below.  The voting periods are listed at the bottom of the page.

Official Rules

By participating in this contest you agree that all photos and materials that you submit or transmit are owned solely by you and that you assume total and exclusive responsibility and liability for the content thereof and the use thereof.  You must either be a legal guardian of the child, or have the permission from a legal guardian of the child to participate in the contest.  You only need a single legal guardian's approval to participate in the contest.  Any submissions that violate the previously mentioned rules will be disqualified.

During the first round of the contest you have the option to change your child's photo once.  To do so please email Steven Bohner at  If we do not have your baby's name correct on the site or any other information is incorrect please contact Steven Bohner and he will correct the problem.  Some submissions did not include the baby's name, if your baby's name is not displayed, please contact Steven Bohner and he will correct the problem.

Each contestant is randomly given a spot in the bracket and assigned an opponent.  Each matchup is single elimination, the contestant with the most votes after the voting period will move on to the next round and the contestant with the least votes will be eliminated from the tournament.  In the event of a tie, the voting poll will be reopened for an hour to collect more votes.  If the result is still a tie, the poll will be reopened again for an hour.  Additional hours will be added in the event of a tie until an hour before the next round is scheduled to begin, a baby will then be chosen at random to move on in the tournament.

There are 4 regions in the Baby Madness tournament:  Rattle Region, Cradle Region, Bottle Region, and Pacifier Region.  The winners of each region will be put into the final 4 bracket illustrated below.


You can vote once per hour, per computer, per ip address.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  If you are caught using voting programs, bots, apps, etc. you will be disqualified.  If their is reason to believe that you are cheating in another way, you will be contacted and may be disqualified as well.

Do not post any inflammatory comments on our Facebook page or our website.  These types of comments will not be tolerated and may lead to the disqualification of contestants who post inflammatory comments.

If a baby is found to have a duplicate entry in the tournament, one of the photos will be removed and disqualified.  The decision on which photo is made by the Channel 957 staff and cannot be disputed.

If the wrong baby moves on in the contest and this is an error on our part, additional time will be added to the voting poll and the votes will be reset to zero.  The additional time will reflect the amount of time that was missed rounded to the closest hour.  The additional time will be limited to 7 hours.

All decisions pertaining to disqualification of contestants are done by the Channel 957 staff.  These decisions are final and cannot be disputed.

Voting Periods:

Round 1 - March 27th @ 3pm - March 31st @ 10:00pm - (128 contestants)

Round 2 - April 1st @ 6am - April 2nd @ 10:00pm - (64 contestants)

Round 3 - April 3rd @ 6am - April 4th @ 10:00pm - (32 contestants)

Round 4 - April 5th @ 6am - April 7th @ 10:00pm - (16 contestants)

Round 5 - April 8th @ 6am - April 9th @ 10:00pm - (8 contestants)

Round 6 - April 10th @ 6am - April 11th @ 10:00pm - (4 contestants)

Final Round - April 12th @ 6am - April 14th @ 11:59pm - (2 contestants)

Rules are subject to change without notice.

Grand Prize:

  • A $50 Gift Card to Mark’s Photo, 2 passes to their basic digital photography class and 50 free 4x6 digital prints
  • A $50 Gift Certificate from Eastern Floral
  • A Gift Basket from Kilwins – located Downtown in the McKay Tower

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