In terms of disgustingly cute baby photography, there's one huge name: Anne Geddes. Even if you don't immediately recognize her name, you definitely know her work. It's the baby in the flower pot, the twins in the lettuce leaves, the newborn as an egg hatching-- yes, some really stinking cute photos. So wouldn't it then be pretty funny if the famous baby photographer actually despised babies? Well, she doesn't-- but an actress playing her does in this hilarious clip "Anne Geddes: Beneath the Diaper".


In it, Anne Geddes is "exposed" as a cynical, swearing, ego-maniac who actually cannot stand babies. She loves Celine Dion, treats her assistants like crap, and gets her inspiration for dressing up babies as food items after she um, enjoys some herbs, and then gets the munchies.

Hey, even if you don't think it's funny, the babies are still cute.