A stowaway, it is!

If you watched some of the live feeds from SpaceX’s weekend launch of its Dragon capsule, you might have noticed an additional (albeit tiny) member of the crew. Yes, Baby Yoda, the adorable star of The Mandalorian, has gone to outer space.

The Child (technically a stuffed toy) served as the crew’s “zero G indicator,” an object that helps the astronauts know when they have broken free of Earth’s gravity when it starts floating through the cockpit. And there he is, floating wild and free. Baby Yoda in space. Move over, 2001: A Space Odyssey. There’s a new Star Child in town.


I hope those astronauts didn’t bring eggs for lunch in outer space. If they did, odds are Baby Yoda already ate all of them.

In the video below, you can actually see the Child floating around, and apparently trying to steal a seat from one of the actual crew members:

Astronauts often choose quirky zero G indicators, so Baby Yoda is in good company on his trip. The SpaceX Dragon capsule is currently bringing four astronauts — three from NASA, and one from Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency — to spend several months aboard the International Space Station.

Assuming Baby Yoda returns safely to Earth, you can catch him in new episodes of The Mandalorian every Friday on Disney+.

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