If you look anywhere on social media you'll see kids across Michigan dressed up in their new school clothing and posing for back-to-school pictures.

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I love seeing my friends and family share these cute pictures online, but police say you need to be very careful about what you share and post online. Otherwise, it could expose your kids and family to scammers and pedophiles.

Don't Post Back To School Chalkboard Photos

Police across the country are warning parents about the danger of posting a back-to-school chalkboard photo on social media. You have probably seen these pictures online of a child holding a chalkboard with information about them.

SLCPD Public Information Officer Adrian Washington said that many times, the photo of the child is taken in front of the family's home.

"Everyone loves the first day, back-to-school posting," but some of the things "we normally put on those boards are sometimes family passwords," he said. "And oftentimes, those pictures are taken in front of your house. So you're making it easy for someone to track and find who you are and use some of those words to discover a family password."


Len Gonzales, with Ally Cyber Investigations, told 10 On Your Side that these pictures may make you vulnerable to cybercriminals.

“When we share too much information, it gives other people the ability to learn way more about us than what they should know, For instance, putting the name of your kid’s school alongside their name and picture screams of “stranger danger. It potentially allows them to meet us on the school ground. It potentially allows them to call us by name and let our guard down. Someone could also use images and information to impersonate you online which can lead to harassment, bullying, and even identity theft."

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