One of the  biggest men’s hair trends this year has been beards of all shapes and sizes. Though it looks like Lumber Sexuals and Hipsters should pay more attention because even though they may look good on the outside, there is some dark nastiness in the depths of your beard gentlemen.

According to a recent study, beards contain more germs than most toilet seats and are also giant nests for germs.

Why? Well it turns out bearded men are more exposed to skin infection than clean shaven men.

They say dirty hands and food crumbs leave residues that eventually decompose amongst the hairs. umm ewwww

Now some of you bearded gentlemen may argue and say you wash you luscious beard regularly, but it turns out that may not matter due to the fact that most beards contain bacterias that can lead to greater susceptibility to the common cold or eczema.

And to top the grossness factor off, the kinky nature of beards leads to trapping dirt, germs and grease. Milk is also known to get trapped in beards and eventually become spoiled.

We think it might be time to rethink those beards gentlemen