With the "Ring of Fire" enveloping West Michigan for the next several days, the heat index will be climbing up to the upper 90s and low 100s.  If you don't have AC, you're probably looking for some ways to beat the heat the during the day.  Look no further than the Geek Group located at 902 Leonard St. NW.  Their warehouse is climate controlled and will be open to the public during the heat wave.

The Geek Group is a nonprofit science, technology and education organization that has been doing wonderful things for the community over the years.  They wanted to do something to help out during the heat wave so they will be staffing their facility from 10am to 9pm and inviting people to come beat the heat!  They will have cots available, so you are welcome to bring a pillow and blanket for a nice nap in some AC.

If the conditions get really bad, they will be extending their hours and possibly even be open 24 hours in order to serve the community.