If you have an unused Toys R Us gift card you have until the 21st of this month to use it before all the stores officially close. But if all the good stuff has already been snatched and there's nothing you feel like you need, instead of letting it go to waste you can exchange that gift card for credit at Bed Bath & Beyond.

There is a catch though...

You have to trade it in by 11:59 p.m. Thursday 4/5. Bed Bath & Beyond posted about it on their Facebook page. As long as your gift card doesn't have an expiration date and has at least $20 on it, they will buy it from you.

Even if you don't have one from Toys R Us, the company accepts gift cards from over 200 retailers that can be traded into e-credit to use at Bed Bath & Beyond stores and/or online. However, you don't necessarily get the full amount of what's on that gift card. For example, when you enter $100 for a Toys R Us gift card you get $64.20 back that you can use. The way I see it is even if it's not the full amount, at least it'll be put to use instead of losing out on the entire amount.

You can make your gift card trade here.

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