Still haven't managed to get one of those miniature NES Classic consoles? If you're feeling lucky, Best Buy stores will have limited quantities in stock today!

The retailer dropped the news yesterday, though most of us were having too relaxing of a Sunday to even bother with Twitter to notice. Fortunately, word got around just in time. As the stores open up at 10AM all across the nation, you'll have time to prepare and get over to the big blue store in the hopes of obtaining one of Nintendo's rarest consoles ever developed.

With word that Nintendo was ceasing production on the already elusive NES Classic coming earlier this month, many wondered if they'd ever have a chance to pay retail prices for the hot commodity ever again. The House Mario Built was reportedly sending out the final shipment for the US this month, and we now know that Best Buy's are arriving today. Getting one more chance to hunt down one of the most in-demand video game consoles since, well, whatever Nintendo launched last should give hopeful owners some semblance of optimism.

However, Best Buy is the only retailer we know of that's made any type of statement that more NES Classics are actually coming into stock. Larger retailers like Amazon, Target, or even GameStop have been mum, though they too should be getting some systems in before the end of the month if Nintendo is to be believed.

If you're still hoping to get an NES Classic, you better find get your $60 ready and make sure you're at Best Buy when the doors open. You probably won't be the only one hoping that today is the day your retro gaming dreams come true.

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