The 2015 Oscars proved to be an awards show to remember! From memorable performances to Neil Patrick Harris' hilarious hosting moments, this was one buzz-worthy night. Check out our favorite moments from the show below!

Neil Patrick Harris' gimmick-free hosting.

We had high hopes for NPH as host, but he completely went above and beyond. While we loved Ellen DeGeneres' hilarious, original content in the 2014 show, there's something refreshing about keeping the Oscars focused on films. Neil gave plenty of comedy -- often smirking at his own jokes -- but he also kept things rolling, which is not an easy feat in the infamously long-running show.

Lady Gaga bringing down the house with her 'The Sound of Music' medley.

Lady Gaga made everyone a believer with her show-stopping performance of songs from The Sound of Music. Anyone who doubted that Gaga will be a legend has now been corrected. The best part? Mother Monster kept true to the spirit of the original tunes while also putting her own spin on things. Even Julie Andrews herself was a fan!

Eddie Redmayne's adorably overwhelmed Best Actor acceptance speech.

It's common practice for celebs to feign surprise when accepting an award, but there was nothing inauthentic about Eddie Redmayne's reaction to hearing his name called at the Oscars. The actor could barely get out any words at first and when he did, he vowed to cherish his statue forever.

Graham Moore's moving Best Adapted Screenplay speech

We love when award-winners speak from the heart -- and have something powerful to say. When Graham Moore accepted his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The Imitation Game, he showed his vulnerable side and admitted that he tried to take his own life as a teen. However, he used his Oscars platform to encourage teens everywhere and remind them that, yes, they do fit in.

John Legend + Common's incredible 'Glory' performance

Everyone in the audience and watching live on TV got chills during the Oscars, thanks to John Legend and Common's incredible performance of "Glory." The duo channeled 50 years of emotion into an incredible show. It was topped only by their subsequent acceptance speech moments later for Best Original Song.

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