Now that we have already experienced record breaking high temperatures that were set in 1939, it's now time to find those sweet spots to stay cool and even have fun for the summer. Sitting at home with the windows and doors closed hugging your window shaking A/C unit with your tongue hanging out don't count. So Let's take a look at the best places to chill, shall we?

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    Refrigerator Freezer

    Although not suggested by doctors, refrigerator manufacturers or even parents, the pleasant burst of cool air you get when you replenish your drink with ice cubes is nice. Travel Time = 0, Cost = $0 (except the freezer running a few extra minutes).

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    (Photo:Getty Images)


    While coming in at number four on my top five, the supermarket makes the list due to the fact you can kill two birds with one stone. Get those shopping chores out of the way, and "suck-up" the market's A/C at the same time. Travel Time = 5-10 minutes in any direction of your house. Cost = Whatever you spend on groceries.

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    Movie theater

    Once again, it beats sticking your noggin in the ole icebox, but the advantage here are no crowded aisles of cranky people. The movie theaters offer comfy seats, popcorn, candy entertainment and of course... A/C! Travel Time = 15-30 minutes. Cost = $8-$9.50 per ticket. (Add on $20-$30 for refreshments).

  • Kent County's Millennium Park. (Photo: Dano
    Kent County's Millennium Park. (Photo: Dano

    Millenium Park

    Located just outside the City of Grand Rapids is Kent County's Millennium Park. located between Johnson Park and John Ball Park. It pretty much touches Grand Rapids, Walker, Grandville and Wyoming it's a quick get away to take the kids swimming and relax. Only downside is it's size. It features a couple of trails, some picnic shelters, a beach with splashpad, a boardwalk, boating center, and fishing dock. On a miserably hot day, you may be lucky just to run through the crowd to take a quick dip in the water, little alone put a blanket down. Travel Time = Depending on where you live, within' a half hour. Cost = Free to public. Surprise, surprise! Living in Traverse City so long where there is at least a half dozen public beaches within 15 minutes of everywhere. They are ALL free. The only time you pay to go to a beach is when you visit the ONE beach that is part of the State Campground. Upon doing a second check of Millennium Park, after you enter the park (a long ways after you enter the park) there is a sign informing you the cost. $4.00 per adult & $3.00 for children 3-15

  • (photo: Dano)
    (photo: Dano)

    Lake Michigan (Muskegon Beach)

    This is where I spent 90% of my time last summer, and will probably do it again this year! By far the top place to stay cool this summer! Yes, it takes i short while to get there but it is well worth it. I take the shortcut through northern Kent County from North Alpine (M-37), through the little town of Ravana, then only a little further. It's a very, very large beach that stretches for miles! Of course it gets a bit busy when temperatures are soaring, but I can always lay out my beach blanket, pitch my handy little folding chair, my cooler and myself down without being within 20 feet - 20 yards of anyone else. For the most part, parents keep an eye on their kids, (not annoying others). There are long piers with lighthouses at the ends. when swimming, you need to keep an eye on how far out from the beach you are, like ANY lake). But this particular beach has almost no rocks to walk over and you can walk out approximately 50-75 yards and still have the water only to your belly, that is to a 6'0 person. Another thing to be very careful of is the strong rip-currents on days where the waves are coming in. If you are out far and swimming and get caught by rip-current, always remember to swim diagonally back to the beach, NEVER in a straight line. Also to not panic. But overall, nothing beats my number one pick.

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