Dating is by far not the easiest of endeavours.  In fact, finding a date is often even harder!  When you read this article you can find best places to meet singles in Grand Rapids.

5) Online

With more and more people meeting online, having the website in the countdown in a necessity.  Finding romance doesn't always have to be in a dimly lit bar, or at a smoky concert.  Sometimes you can find it through a computer screen.

Grand Rapids Singles is a local dating website.  Find singles from all over the greater Grand Rapids Area without leaving your home.  It is powered by, so it has credibility.

Some other websites to check out:
Plenty of Fish

I mean, it is 2011, don't knock online dating until you've tried it.

4) Church

West Michigan is a very faith based community.  So, when you are looking for faithful like minded people, what better place to look then your local place of worship?  Most places of worship have youth groups and host community events, both of which are great places to meet singles who will have lots in common with you.

So check out your local church or synagogue for a community group or event.  You would be surprised at the amount of eligible singles available.

Even if you aren't of faith you could still consider stopping by your local church to find a community event to volunteer for.  Who knows, you might just find your future spouse.

3) Sporting Events

The West Michigan Whitecaps and The Grand Rapids Griffins.  Both great times, and great places to go looking for singles.  With over 100 games a year between the two teams, you can pick up some singles almost anytime you want.

Sports nuts, what better place to find a mate then at a baseball game?  If you want to go looking for single sports fans, look no further.  All of your sporty singles are watching the Whitecaps in the summer and the Griffins in the winter.

Both the Whitecaps and the Griffins have themed nights, too.  So if you are a college single, then be sure to hit up college night at either Van Andel Arena or 5/3rd Ballpark!

2) Community Events

Grand Rapids is no stranger to large outdoor events, and if you are single, you shouldn't be either!  If you enjoy good weather, great music, and beautiful art, head downtown during a summer weekend to find people with similar mindsets.

Thousands of singles head downtown in search of a good time during these events. Meeting your dream date is sometimes as easy as bumping into them on the street.  And with so much to do downtown, a first date is only a coffee shop away :)

Some events to look out for:

Festival of the Arts
Art Prize
Frederik Meijer Gardens Concert Series
Grand Rapids Symphony's Picnic Pops
Celebration on the Grand

1) The B.O.B.

Downtown Grand Rapids is host to the number one spot to meet your future spouse.  The Big Old Building, better known as The B.O.B., is a singles paradise.  The B.O.B. has several bars and restaurants, a comedy club, and a night club.  So, if you meet someone over a drink, it is a quick transition to dinner or a show.  The B.O.B. draws people of all ages and walks of life.  Whether you are a student, a young professional, or an executive, you will find similar people with similar interests.

If you are on the younger end of the spectrum, The Crush nightclub is the place for you.  Located on the ground level, it hosts great events like the upcoming "Candy Factory" weekend.

With so much to do, it is no wonder that The B.O.B. is the best place to meet singles in Grand Rapids.

What do you think about the list?  Where do you think the best places to meet singles in Grand Rapids are?