Ran out of video games to play? Movies to watch? Sick of the treadmill?

Why don't you get outside and do some outdoor activity?

I know the snow is dreadful and it is of course, cold. But you have to look past that and enjoy the snow for what it is. I don't care if you think you are too old for this, but sledding is still just as awesome as it was when you were a kid.


  • Richmond Park

    800 block of Garfield Ave. NW, Grand Rapids

    This sledding hill to me is a classic. My friends and I always go to this hill every year, and apparently so does everyone else in the Grand Rapids area. Richmond Park has a ton to offer in all seasons, and this is one of them. Just be careful to not go to far into Richmond Pond. You never know if there is going to be thin ice!

  • Union High School

    1800 Treemont Blvd. NW, Grand Rapids

    Why have one hill when you can have two? Or three? However you look at it. The hill that faces the high school is very steep and you can really pick up some speed! However, crawling back up the hill? Not as easy. Remember, the steeper the hill, the harder the climb. Then there is the other hill that goes into the football field. This is what I call a double hill! It kind of does a wav' type of thing, that sends you down quickly. Then, there is a calm before the storm of one more speedy hill! The nice thing about this hill is that is is huge, so you really don't have to worry about people walking up the middle. Also, the plateau in the middle gives a nice rest before you climb to the top!

  • Pando Winter Sports Park

    8096 Belding Road, Rockford

    Every year, my friends and I always take a trip out to Pando Winter Sports Park in Rockford, not too far from Grand Rapids. You can't use a store bought sled on the hill, but they do supply you with an inflated tube so you can go down the hill. The best part though? Each tube it equipped strap that you connect to a cord, that PULLS YOU UP THE HILL!!! This is by far my favorite part about Pando! You can go down the hill a billion times and barely become tired! It's great for a day out with friends and family. Beware, though; it does cost money!

  • Johnson Park

    2600 Wilson Ave. SW, Walker

    I have never been to this park for sledding, but it seems like a good place to go! While a nice line of forestry outlines the main hill, there are plenty of smaller hills around this park to take advantage of! If you have small children or a scaredy cat of a boyfriend, this is a good place to start.