Channel 95-7 and West Michigan Bike & Fitness have teamed up to give away Bikes For Kids. If you know a kid that really deserves a new bike, we ask that you nominate them. This time around, our Bikes For Kids winner is six-year-old Austin. Read his story after the jump!

It was a June day Austin was on his way to a community pool. He hopped on his bike with his mom steps behind him. A second later, his body and bike went flying through the air; crashing on the windshield of a car passing by and finally laying to rest on the pavement. No cries of pain came from his mouth, no motion from his body to show his mom he was ok or even alive. Screaming, his mother, cried for someone to call 911. The driver of the car frozen with fear, disbelief and shock never left the driver's seat.

Neighbors frantically answered the screams of a helpless mother. Austin was taken by ambulance to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital where they discovered bleeding on his brain and a broken jaw. A repeated CT scan a couple days later revealed the bleeding had stopped and there was only bruising on the brain. A few days later, Austin was stable enough for surgery to repair his broken jaw. He is now home and recovering.

He remembers the accident and while in the hospital, one of the first things Austin asked about what his bike and was his bike hurt, too. Although it's no longer functional, Austin is. When he fully recovers, he will one day gain the courage to jump on a new bike and ride without fear or hesitation.

He has reminded his family that life is short and can change in a second. He may never forget the events that happened, but with time, he'll be back on a bike again as any 6-year old should.

Well, as you can see, Austin was happy to get back on a bike, and on Thursday, he'll go in to get the all-clear from his doctor to really be able to ride his new wheels.

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